Five months after surgery.  On the bike, I have my short-range speed back (such as it is), but the endurance is not there yet.  I can do my 12.3 mile hilly time-trial course in about the same time as last year (46 minutes).  However, last year at this time I had done a couple of full centuries with little problem.  One of them (the Cherohala Challenge) has some serious climbing.  Yesterday, I struggled to finish a 60-mile ride at a relaxed pace (the heat and humidity [mid-90’s, dewpoint 73 or so] did not help any– I really miss the low humidity of the west).  I still hope to be able to do a full century this fall.  

Overall,  my energy level if better than pre-surgery, and I can recover more quickly day-to-day.  Utility riding is getting easier, and 100-mile weeks are no problem.  I don’t know if this is real, but it seems like minor injuries (cuts and scrapes) heal more quickly than before, and I just feel generally more healthy.

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