Back in the saddle again

My energy level returned to normal rather abruptly during week 7 after surgery, an encouraging sign.  This was also my first week back to work full time.

The surgeon said I could get back on the bike eight weeks after surgery.  On the eight-week anniversary (Wednesday april 14), I did a test ride after work.  I was slow but pain free, so I rode to work the next day, and did a grocery run to the coop on Saturday.  Things are getting back to normal.

My first longer ride was the next Sunday.  I took the Early out on the back roads to the south.  It was a fabulous spring day, all blue sky, gentle breezes, and April flowers.  The trees were the electric green of freshly-open leaves.   It was a day not to be missed.  I took off my arm warmers, but it was cool enough to leave the leg warmers on to keep my knees happy.  I did 26 pleasant miles at a blazing speed of 10.4 mph, with generous use of my gramps gears (including the lowest gear, 26×28 [25″]) on the climbs.

This last week, I rode to work every day.   My commute is only 6 miles round trip, but with miscellaneous errands and meetings (including a trip to the hospital for my weekly blood draw for the warfarin test), I ended up with about 50 miles of utility riding.  Along with a 33 mile ride today (another pleasant day, though windy), I am building up rapidly  to my pre-surgery mileage (I hope not too rapidly).  I am still slow, but it feels good, and I seem to be recovering well.

With the new heart-rate monitor, I am obsessing about my pulse.  I have kept track of my resting pulse over the years, but I have no baseline for my active heart rate.  I find it surprising how quickly it goes up, how high it goes,  and how slowly it goes back down.  My resting pulse has been high since surgery, but is getting back to normal (60).  Before surgery, it would return to 60 pretty quickly after mild to moderate activity, but that has not been the case recently.  Just this week, it seems to be recovering more quickly.

Barn off Tarklin

Kimberlin Heights barn

Rays Gap barn

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