Valve shopping

I am in the market for a new aortic valve — the old one is shot.  I would like to get something vintage, maybe lugged steel.  But it turns out that none of the well-known classic marques like Huret or Campagnolo — even Shimano –ever made such things, at least I can’t find any in the catalogs or on ebay.

So here are my choices.  I think the ball-and-cage look is pretty dorky.  The single flap might work, and it does have some vintage charm.  Pig valves have a certain appeal, but I hear they might result in weight gain.  The two-flap venetian-blind design seems to be the current thing.

With no other viable choices,  it looks like I might have to violate my old-school sensibilities and go all carbon and titanium. This one from ATS Medical looks pretty good — nice clean design with no ugly graphics.  I wonder if I can choose the color.   A nice sage green sounds about right.



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