Aggregator 1-3-2010

News of interest

Bicycling hits 1% of all trips, a 25% increase since 2001.


Utah groups advocate gas tax flexibility to allow money to be spent on mass transit.  The Utah Constitution reserves gasoline tax revenues for highway construction and related purposes.

Meanwhile, California Governator Schwarzenegger  has proposed a complex plan  to help balance the state budget by cutting the gas tax, much of which goes to transit, and increasing the excise tax for gas, which can go in the general fund.   


 Six good reasons that all commuting cyclists should have fenders.  They have a little bit different perspective in places where cycling is taken seriously for transportation.  I don’t see very many other cyclists on my commute, particularly on wet days.  But where there lots of other riders, fenders can help keep other people dry, too. 


Fastest in the world.  Articles on London 2012 Olympic velodrome in NCE, a British civil engineering magazine blog:    design features and  progress.


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