Looking back and looking foward

It’s January, time to think back about last year and set some goals for this year (I am always a little late on these things).

I rode a total of 4,831 miles in 2009.  I did one metric century; one metric that I started from home, making it about 112 miles total; and the challenging Cherohala Challenge  full century plus (and particularly challenging in this year’s heat).  I only did one short bike camping trip.

That is essentially the same total mileage as the previous three years, which is as long as I have been keeping track in recent history.  I slowed down a bit in September when the doc told me that I needed heart surgery, skipping a metric century that I had already signed up for and a full century that I had planned on.   In addition, cold, wet weather and a series of persistent respiratory viruses reduced my time in the saddle for the last couple of months.  Not bad, considering.

 I use my commuter/utility bike for everyday transportation, and it got 2260 miles.  The Early got some modifications this year.  The taller stem made it more comfortable; I finally accumulated the parts to install a triple, which allowed me to stop worrying about getting up hills; fenders, lights and fresh paint turned it into a complete bike.  It took over second place in mileage at 1520.  My touring bike started the year with light 650 x 32B tires, which rolled great but were not very tough.  With the changes to the Early, I put heavier, tougher tires on the tourer.  It is not as frisky as before, but better for loads and rough roads.  It ended the year with 950 miles.

Next year is hard to make plans for.  The first thing on the agenda is heart surgery.  I don’t have a date yet, but it will probably happen in February.   I will be off the bike for a month, maybe two.  I hope to do some serious riding later in the year, but I will have to see how the recovery goes, and there will also be non-bike projects that will be delayed.  It should be an interesting year.


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