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News of Interest

Denver has gone beyond mere Complete Streets to living streets .   According to Gideon Berger, senior city planner with Denver’s Department of Community Planning and Development, “Complete Streets is about road building, but Living Streets is about city building”.  More.

In New York, 240 parking meters are converted to bike racks.   

And speaking of New York, Bike Kill is an annual bikecentric party that includes costumes,  Tall Bikes and jousting with tall bikes, and bike gangs .  And lots of beer.  It is not exactly a Tweed Ride, though they both have some Steampunk tendencies.   Video.

Image from Wired


Is America’s love affair with the car fading?  We don’t know why there are 4 million fewer cars  on the road at the end of 2009 than a year before, but this article goes through the full range of speculation.


The American Society of State Highway and Transportation Organizations (AASHTO) is a powerful organization that helps set standards and directions for transportation in the US.  They have compiled a list of their priorities for the new year .  AASHTO has managed to get past the American transportation paradigm that has pushed more cars, more roads, and bigger roads for most of the last century.  The list does include a lot of car-oriented stuff, but it also includes improving intercity passenger rail at number 2; reducing distracted driving (#4); recognition of the role of transportation in climate change (#6); and creating livable communities (# 10).


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