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Portland bike counts.  Portland alternative weekly Willamette week   breaks a story about an unexpected decline in Portland bike counts for 2009, with further detail from Bike Portland .  These results are followed by considerable consternation and speculation about the cause.  Are the practical limits of cycling being reached?   Will more bike infrastructure fix it?  Is Portland over biking?

There is an observation in the Bike Portland article that probably explains the entire apparent downturn: “If we take out the anomalously high numbers in 2008 and compare 2009 to 2007’s numbers, we see an increase that maintains the previous upward trends…”   As we see from observing climate trends, long-term changes are not alway monotonic.

And just wait until gas prices go up again.

Commuter dissatisfactionThe Economist  reports on a survey of international commuting times, along with the percent of respondents who have considered leaving their jobs because of the commute and suggesting that these two are connected.   However, if you rearrange this data so you can actually see the relationship between the two elements, the connection looks pretty weak.  The three countries with high commute dissatisfaction (China, India, South Africa) look more like outliers, implying that there may be something other than commute time per se causing the dissatisfaction.  We need more information for this survey this to provide any insights.


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