Local politics

Local politics is one way to promote the interests of cyclists.  All politics are local, but transportation politics are especially local. 

I am not saying that it has worked miracles here, but we have helped gotten a couple of city council members elected, and we came close in the last contested mayoral election.  This year, Dr. Caroline and I worked on promoting Robert Marlino for city council. We distributed signs, sponsored house parties, did some general scut work, and harassed people at the polls on election day.  We also took the opportunity to work on the candidate’s awareness of our issues.    We were a small part of a much bigger effort, but we got some attention from the candidate.

Unfortunately, our candidate lost this time.   Had we won, we would have had a council member educated and at least a little commited on the issues. 

Just wait until next season.


Closing time at the polls


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